Friday, May 20, 2011


I think the sound of horses eating is relaxing. It could be sold as soothing background music like those nature CDs of rain dripping on roof tops and waves crashing on the shore. Instead of Sea Scapes I'd call it Hay Scapes. Or maybe Grass in the Morning (see above).

So, check out Mister Spunky! Nothing could have been better than watching him wander around and graze on a sunny morning. First time of freedom from his stall prison of the last six weeks. He is doing AMAZING. Wound nearly scabbed over and bearing full weight on the injured limb (this after two weeks of three-legged hopping and worries of laminitis due to pressure on a single hind leg). Gimpy at the trot, but that didn't stop him running around the pasture when instigated. Yes, that's right. Running. After a morning to himself I had a weak moment and let him out with Eli the next day so the best buds could enjoy each others company. Big mistake. Eli thought it was a good time to play Let's Bite the Hinny and Pretend We're At the Racetrack. At which point Your's Truly sprinted outside in her stocking feet to "rescue" a gimpy Cowboy who had an identify crisis and thought he was an Arabian stallion. Sheesh!