Monday, November 3, 2008


My creative mind went wild when I considered creating a blog. Why hadn't I thought of it before? It fits nicely with the freelance writing I do and is a great outlet--the ultimate diary.

Mentally massaging the idea, I was brought up short by the sight of a friend's T-shirt last week: Nobody cares about your blog.

Fair enough. Why should they? Bloggers fairer than I exist in abundance.

I'll blame it on the genetics that compel me to record my interior musings, much of which have already found their way to the printed page. Friends and family will tell you nearly anything is fair game around here. Fortunately, they love me anyway.

As for horses, don't get me started (I can do that all on my own). They are an endlessly fascinating topic. Besides existing quite nicely as living art, my three Arabians are a constant supply of joy and inspiration; daily proof that God gives good gifts. Certainly worthy of blogdom so onto the bandwagon I leap.

Because these characters will play the starring role here they are worthy of introduction.

Kaszmere (aka Tango)

A now seven year old Polish bred Arabian gelding, I raised him from a wee, bratty colt. He is a true bay beauty; a friend who makes me laugh often. While he is considered mature, this horse will probably never grow up--a Peter Pan of an equid whose main goal in life is to avoid boredom.


An eight year old half Arabian pinto gelding. This horse belongs to my ten-year old-daughter but because I started him under saddle and played the major role in his rehab from neglected, rebellious stallion to safe riding horse, he occupies a special place in my heart. He is perhaps the horse only a mother (or little girl) could love and thus far epitomizes "does not play well with others." While he has blossomed over the last year, his constant need to assert himself (we call it Small Man's Disease) makes it tricky to keep in him in a herd. But, with people, Chance is evolving into a reliable companion. We love him, warts and all, and realize that his scrappiness may have helped him survive a difficult early life. For this, we salute him.

Aur Elijah (Eli)

Six year old CMK Arabian stallion. Eli is the new kid on the block. This sounds hopelessly sappy but I fell in love with this horse the moment I saw him. He is a dream horse and I still cannot believe he is standing in my pasture (thanks Betty!). Eli has a quiet mind and dark, soulful eyes that don't miss a thing. If Tango is a babbling brook, Eli is a study in the phrase, "still waters run deep." Much more on him in the weeks and months to come.

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